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Photograph by Debbie Hinkle
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Headshot of Taylor Armstrong, a PhD student in the Marine Estuarine Environmental Science program at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.

To pursue a doctorate or not . . . that is the question

Taylor Armstrong • January 6, 2020
Deciding whether to pursue a PhD in a scientific field can feel the same as Hamlet’s phrase contemplating between existence and non-existence. For a young person deciding his or her life’s course, it’s a pretty big decision. A PhD is a long-term commitment filled with a lot of work and little pay. Will you enjoy it? Or will you simply endure it?  Read more . . .
An oyster farm in Maine. The floating cages frozen over and only the cage floats are visable.

It’s a Hard (Shell) Knock Life: Working on an oyster farm builds character. But what if we could make it easier?

Brendan Campbell • December 19, 2019
To be a shellfish farmer means long days on your feet, embracing harsh weather while lifting heavy cages. It all takes a toll over time. But a day on the water is another dollar in your pocket, so you push through and persevere. I spent many days out in the heat and in the cold grading, counting, and bagging clams and oysters for whoever was hiring for a season.  Read more . . .
Headshot of Sarah Cvach in front of a white board

The Joys of Being a Teaching Assistant

Sarah Cvach • December 6, 2019
This is the third semester of my master’s program in biology at Salisbury University, and it has been a long one. On top of completing my final sampling season, taking the last few classes, typing my manuscript, juggling a part-time job, and attempting to have some sort of social life, I also began a teaching assistantship.  Read more . . .
MDNR Shellfish Division surveying oysters

No Filter: Growing Concerns Over Sunscreen Chemicals

Ethan Hain • August 15, 2019
The active ingredients in sunscreens and some personal care products, a group of chemicals known as UV filters, have been in the eyes of the public and international regulators for their potential toxicity.   Read more . . .
A biofilms disk from the Inner Harbor under the microscope.

A Deeper Dive into Baltimore Harbor: Scientists take a closer look at the tiny particles living in the murky waters

Ana Sosa • August 5, 2019
Anyone who’s ever been to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor understands that there is a big trash problem in the city.  Read more . . .