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Maryland Sea Grant publishes blogs, Chesapeake Quarterly magazine, and other publications and videos. Learn about scientific research and science-based practices that can help preserve the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland's coastal environment.

On the Bay: Chesapeake Quarterly's Blog

photo of Eric Buehl and Rich Covert
March 9, 2017

Meet the Extension Specialists: Eric Buehl, Watershed Restoration

Daniel Pendick
Eric Buehl knows all the breakfast specials at D & R’s Restaurant in Greensboro. As much an indoor town hall as a diner, the restaurant has hosted many a morning meeting between Buehl and Rich Covert, president of the Greensboro Volunteer Fire Company on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Fellowship Experiences: A Students' Blog

golden bridge
May 22, 2017

How I Overcame My Nerves and Thrived at a National Conference

Emily Russ
It was a chilly December morning in Baltimore as I boarded a plane bound for San Francisco. I held tightly my carry-on bag and poster tube, which contained the poster I would be presenting later in the week at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting.

News Releases

photo of scientist Lora Harris
May 9, 2017

“Septic detectives” — that’s how National Public Radio science reporter Christopher Joyce describes three Maryland scientists funded by Maryland Sea Grant who are working to develop a new way of tracking water pollution that has degraded the Chesapeake Bay. Hear and read Joyce's report.

Chesapeake Quarterly

issue cover - Looking north along Maryland\'s Kent Island toward the Bay Bridge, you can see a diversity of land uses. Excess nutrients and sediment washing off the Chesapeake Bay\'s watershed are causing harm to the estuary\'s ecosystem. Scientists are using computer simulations to quantify these causes and effects to help leaders find the right solutions. Photograph, David Harp

May 2017

Mid-term Exams for the Bay Cleanup

Scientists use complex computer models to simulate how the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem works and to guide restoration efforts. These digital mimics generate estimates of how much we need to cut down on pollutants like nitrogen and phosphorus to reduce algal blooms and low-oxygen "dead zones" in the Bay that harm aquatic life.

Headwaters Newsletter

headwaters v 4 iss 1
May 2017

Volume 4, Issue 1

Inside This Issue:
  • Wecome Kelsety
  • Welcome Alexis
  • Small BMPs can make a BIG difference
  • The Power of Design
  • Small but Mighty
  • How Vulnerable is the Maryland Coastal Bays Program?
  • WSA Eligible for MSDE Credits

Sea Level Rise Report

cover, sea level rise report

Come High Water: Sea Level Rise and Chesapeake Bay

This special report offers a comprehensive look at the causes and consequences of increasing flooding along Maryland’s coasts. This package, produced by Maryland Sea Grant's magazine Chesapeake Quarterly in partnership with Bay Journal, examines the scientific understanding and projections of the rate of sea level rise in the Chesapeake region; effects on people and the environment; and adaptations and policy responses that are under way or under consideration.

Video Gallery

Forecasting Sea Level Rise for Maryland

In Maryland Sea Grant's video, scientists release new projections for future sea level rise for the Chesapeake Bay and for Maryland, Virginia, and nearby Mid-Atlantic coastal areas.