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On the Bay

Five attendees posing in front of tanks used for aquaculture systems.

Education Professionals Gather for the 2019 Sea Grant Education Network Aquaculture Summit

Rona Kobell • July 29, 2019
Glen Hedelson stood in front of two dozen educators, all of them staring at bits and pieces of a micro-computing system at their lab tables, and asked a simple question: “Are you ready to build?”  Read more . . .
James Hunter

Morgan State University Professor Engineers Tool to Keep Runoff out of the Chesapeake

Devon Ashby • June 11, 2019
Runoff water from storms is one of the leading causes of pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. James Hunter, Ph.D., a professor at Morgan State University, intends to change that with a special project.  Read more . . .
These mussels will soon return to the Anacostia River. Photo courtesy Jorge Montero, AWS.

Mussels as a Matter of Policy

Alexandra Grayson • March 27, 2019
Amidst a constantly changing political scene, the environment and the policies set to solve conservation and restoration challenges seem to have earned a place at the top of many people’s priorities in recent years.  Read more . . .
Silhouette of a man standing in front of a slide presentation

Marshes Are Getting Some Newfound Respect

Rona Kobell • February 27, 2019
Once considered little more than nuisances to progress, marshes across the United States have been filled in and paved over to make room for important projects, such as JFK International Airport in Queens or, say, the city of Miami.  Read more . . .
Mussels get ready to overwinter in Kenilworth Gardens. They will return to the Anacostia in the spring.​ Credit: Gregg Trilling

A Mussel’s Muscles: Can another bivalve help save the bay?

Alexandra Grayson • January 10, 2019
You may have heard people say oysters were once able to filter the whole Chesapeake Bay in three days. Though that is merely a figure of speech, oysters have long been known to filter bodies of water. But there is another type of bivalve mollusk that is known to provide the same service, and is gaining in popularity in fresher water. The mussel is that particular mollusk.  Read more . . .