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Photograph by Debbie Hinkle
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photo of tagged blue crabs

Blue Crab Travels: Studying Tags Offers Insights into Crab Habitats and Dispersal

Robert Semmler • September 15, 2016
If you caught a blue crab on the Chesapeake Bay during the past year or so, you might have seen one with a pink plastic tag attached to its shell. I’m part of a scientific research team who asked fishers and watermen to report those tags, and I am glad to report that those calls and e-mails are contributing to a better understanding of the Bay’s blue-crab population and how to sustain it.  Read more . . .
Jellyfish talk

Three Tips for Effective Communication for Non-native Speakers — and Everyone Else

Katherine Slater • August 15, 2016
Daytona Beach, 2011: I was at the biennial conference of a scientific society, the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation. It was my first year in the United States and my first public talk in English. I remember standing on the stage, looking out at a room full of people; they all knew more about zooplankton and spoke better English than I did. Although I used to be a debate team captain and...  Read more . . .
jellyfish photographed from pier at Chesapeake Biological Laboratory

The Jellywalk: Assessing Jellyfish Abundance and Diversity along the CBL Pier

Emily Liljestrand • July 29, 2016
It was a typical summer afternoon back in June 2015 on Solomons Island, home to the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory. I was sitting on the front porch of my office building, reading a book about menhaden, when I looked up. I noticed Ph.D. student Suzan Shahrestani jaunting across the yard towards our pier. When I asked what she doing, she said she was about to conduct her “jellywalk.”  Read more . . .
Seaching benthic samples for specimens

Sea Ice, Sea Cucumbers, Sea Stars: My Summer Research off Alaska

Sophie Caradine-Taber • July 18, 2016
This is the second of two dispatches by Sophie Caradine-Taber, who joined an Arctic research cruise through the Research Experiences for Undergraduates program run by Maryland Sea Grant.  |  Today we encountered sea ice! There was talk that we might not see much sea ice this year, because sea ice melt has been high in recent years, so I am glad to see it. The ice floes are small but...  Read more . . .
photo of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, a Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker ship

Exploring Climate Change in the Arctic Aboard an Icebreaker

Sophie Caradine-Taber • July 14, 2016
This is the first dispatch by Sophie Caradine-Taber, who joined a research cruise through the Research Experiences for Undergraduates program run by Maryland Sea Grant.  |  I am spending this summer pursuing an unusual opportunity: spending two weeks aboard a research ship helping with research in the Arctic!  Read more . . .