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Maryland Sea Grant publishes blogs, Chesapeake Quarterly magazine, and other publications and videos. Learn about scientific research and science-based practices that can help preserve the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland's coastal environment.

On the Bay: Chesapeake Quarterly's Blog

These mussels will soon return to the Anacostia River. Photo courtesy Jorge Montero, AWS.
March 27, 2019

Mussels as a Matter of Policy

Alexandra Grayson
Amidst a constantly changing political scene, the environment and the policies set to solve conservation and restoration challenges seem to have earned a place at the top of many people’s priorities in recent years.

Fellowship Experiences: A Students' Blog

Victoria Chanse, associate professor and master of landscape architecture program chair at University of Maryland, with graduate student Sebastian Velez-Lopez at a collaborative learning meeting with Smithville residents in Cambridge.
May 1, 2019

My Pursuit to Understand Society through Science (and Vice-Versa)

Daniel Teodoro
Sometimes I feel like great scientific insights are not having an impact in societal and governmental decisions. That is particularly the case for climate science, but it is also in different scientific fields (e.g., engineering, forensic science, smart cities, etc.).

News Releases

Bill Hubbard
February 4, 2019

Bill Hubbard, a longtime forester and extension educator, has joined Maryland Sea Grant and the University of Maryland College of Agriculture and Natural Resources as the new Assistant Director/Program Leader.

Chesapeake Quarterly

Issue cover: A stream flows through Green Ridge State Forest on its way to the Chesapeake 200 miles downstream.

September 2018

Up in the Headwaters

We have a new issue of Chesapeake Quarterly out. This one focuses on the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay. We hope you enjoy it. If you want to subscribe, click here, and you will get a hard copy delivered to your home or office each month. We can also put you on the mailing list for a digital copy.

Headwaters Newsletter

Headwaters volume 5 issue 4
December 2018

Volume 5, Issue 4

Inside This Issue:
  • From Gray to Green
  • UMD Senate — What’s it all About?
  • ‘Tis the season . . . to put your best foot forward on your Trust Fund application
  • Stormwater Permit Requirements
  • Need Help Educating This or the Next Generation?
  • Got Septic — Do You Know What Type?
  • WSA Eligible for MSDE Credits

Sea Level Rise Report

cover, sea level rise report

Come High Water: Sea Level Rise and Chesapeake Bay

This special report offers a comprehensive look at the causes and consequences of increasing flooding along Maryland’s coasts. This package, produced by Maryland Sea Grant's magazine Chesapeake Quarterly in partnership with Bay Journal, examines the scientific understanding and projections of the rate of sea level rise in the Chesapeake region; effects on people and the environment; and adaptations and policy responses that are under way or under consideration.

Video Gallery

Forecasting Sea Level Rise for Maryland

In Maryland Sea Grant's video, scientists release new projections for future sea level rise for the Chesapeake Bay and for Maryland, Virginia, and nearby Mid-Atlantic coastal areas.