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Science Serving Maryland's Coasts


Ballast Water Technology Demonstration Program (Shipboard Evaluations of Venturi Oxygen Stripping : Determining Mechanical and Biological Efficacy)

Principal Investigator: 

Mario N. Tamburri

Start/End Year: 

2004 to 2007


Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science


The full-scale controlled experiments under real-world conditions evaluations of Venturi Oxygen Stripping will be divided into two distinct phases or objectives: 1) Engineering Efficacy: Install and verify operational abilities, effectiveness to produce intended conditions, and reliability of the VOS systems onboard active vessels. 2) Biological Efficacy: Test the ability of VOS to reduce concentrations of living ballast water organisms, during normal vessel operations, to meet draft International Maritime Organization (IMO) standards.