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You may search for students by class year and keywords found in the student's name, university, project title or abstract. Our first class was in 1989.

Class of 1989

Mentor: Douglas G. Capone, Ph.D.

Location: Chesapeake Biological Laboratory

Project Title: Methanogenesis in Anoxic Estuarine Sediments

Mentor: Thomas Malone, Ph.D., Daniel Conley, Ph.D.

Location: Horn Point Laboratory

Project Title: Effects of Spring Rainfall on Chlorophyll Levels in the Chesapeake Bay

Mentor: Denise Breitburg, Ph.D.

Location: Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Project Title: The Effect of Hypoxia on Egg Development of the Naked Goby

Mentor: Jeffrey Cornwell, Ph.D.

Location: Horn Point Laboratory

Project Title: 210Pb Dating of Three Sediment Cores in mid-Chesapeake Bay