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Documentary Films

Maryland Sea Grant documentaries bring marine science, policy, and other issues of concern to hundreds of thousands of people in the Chesapeake region. These award-winning films have been broadcast on public television, cable, and commercial stations, and have been shown for educational use to environmental organizations, citizen associations, and classroom teachers. DVDs of the documentaries may be purchased from our Bookstore. Trailers for our documentaries are available at these links:

Who Killed Crassostrea virginica: The Fall & Rise of Chesapeake Bay Oysters (trailer)

The Pfiesteria Files (trailer)


Online Videos

In addition to documentaries, Maryland Sea Grant produces online video shorts that address many of the same Chesapeake Bay issues as our long-form films. They tell their stories through the voices of those who live and work around the Bay — watermen, scientists, Bay pilots, teachers. We also have educational offerings, like step-by-step videos that show you how to install your own rain garden, or videos that train seafood workers how to handle food to minimize the potential for foodborne illness.

All of our videos, except where noted, were produced by our award-winning filmmaker Michael W. Fincham.

To view our online videos, visit our YouTube Channel:

Maryland Sea Grant YouTube Channel

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